When to use structural oak for your build

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Are you confused about the words structural and wood? Well, let me explain to you. All wood products are comprised of fiber and other elements. Materials such as plywood, Ipe, redwood, cedar, mahogany, cypress, and pine are all made up of 100% pure fibers, while other woods are wood.Woods that are classified as structural consist of substances that are set into the surface of a building. Like plywood and engineered boards, these are all used for making columns and joists. Woods like Douglas fir and pine are also commonly used for making walls. And that’s just what the surface of the home looks like.

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Structural materials are utilized inside a building because they offer a higher degree of durability than materials like plywood or structural oak wood. Most of the structural materials in this category are those that have been treated with chemicals to help the wood last longer. The material is also easy to maintain.Structural products that are considered approved by the local building codes usually have been tested to be nearly as durable as hardwoods. However, some builders might not be aware of what these materials really are. It’s difficult to get a straight answer when it comes to testing of products that are made from natural material.

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Oak beams are a very common material that is used for making both structural and solid wood products. Oak is one of the most popular and most well-known woods around. It is almost always mixed with various other woods to make oak flooring and other wood products. In fact, most common commercial grade timber products would be treated with a finish that includes oak as an option.Solid wood flooring is usually treated with a stain that is approved by local building codes. That means the finish is uniform and doesn’t vary from lot to lot. That makes the product more affordable and makes it easier to keep a consistent appearance throughout the entire building. Oak solid flooring is best installed when it is installed over wood subflooring.

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Other solid wood products include cherry and maple. Cherry and maple aren’t as popular because they are considered to be delicate by many consumers and not as good as structural oak. All types of solid wood products, whether they are solid or flooring, should be kept free of pests and insects and kept dry. They should also be sealed to prevent water damage from occurring.