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Oak wood that has been treated with an acid (hardness) treatment should be treated differently from untreated wood. Acids cause the wood to get dark over time, and if this is not cured correctly then the wood can rot and become unusable. The treatment that a dealer will offer you will depend on a number of factors including:* How it has been treated – it may have been treated with a hardening agent or with a sealing agent or both, these can mean that the dust particles are prevented from entering the pores of the wood. Oak that has been treated will feel smoother and have a deeper sound when struck.

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* How it has been stored – this will usually be a top grade as will all the wood that you buy, treated or not. This will need to be properly dried and cured before using it in a project, it should not be stored too wet or too dry. A project should preferably be built with wood from a close supplier so that the quality will be uniform.* How it has been turned – there are lots of different methods, each will go through a four step process to turn it into a class tops. The first being the step of classification, if the oak has been collected from the best quality trees that are cut from good quality seed then it will be considered a class best, if not then it could be termed a class second or class third.

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* Class – class denotes what grade of oak is involved. If you are buying a large quantity then class may be worth more than the price that you have paid for it, so only buy if it is close to class.* Finished – class may be given but the finished state of the wood will depend on what condition it has been cut in. If it has been in a factory and has been pre-finished before cutting then it should be given a higher grade. The unfinished ones will probably be less durable but cheaper, they will also need a longer cure before being used.

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* Is the wood in a dehumidified environment – if the moisture content is high then the quality will be compromised. Again the price will be lower.* Finishing – the process of treating the wood so that it can be finished according to the requirements of the furniture manufacturer. It may be treated with a protective finish or an acrylic-based finish.