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Oak cladding is the installation of the timber surface with mortar that provides protection and a smooth finish. Oak is a very durable and long lasting material for cladding and the fact that it has a natural beauty to it adds to the durability. Oak cladding also reduces the appearance of rough concrete.Because the timber is naturally resistant to weather elements and other sources of damage, it is the best choice for maintaining an attractive surface without additional maintenance. The only common and permanent damage of is weathering but this can be prevented by application of protective coatings and correct exposure to the elements. The latest technology has enabled this type of treatment to resist the effects of most common sources of damage, such as corrosive chemicals, acids, alcohols, bleaches and paints. These chemicals can be harmful if the wood is not protected.

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Oak timber cladding has an inherent resistance to decay, degradation and infestation, which results in premature loss of valuable timber. It can be treated with a protective coating that helps to eliminate water and oxygen penetration and erosion that result in premature changes in the properties of the timber. Properly protected oak timber can retain its aesthetic beauty and character for many years.Natural decay and insect infestation can be controlled using treatments to maintain the natural appearance of the wood. These treatments include the application of protective coatings. Depending on the kind of treatment, oak timber cladding can be prepared in the manufacturing plant. It is then prepared by being cut into irregular pieces and later dried.

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Timber cladding is available in different thicknesses, with some offering additional special features such as fire resistance, radiation protection and moisture resistance. It is also available in different finishes, with some offering natural colouration and others containing a chemical protective coating that provides an added benefit of retaining the original colour. The entire preparation procedure is done by an experienced technician to ensure the highest quality timber cladding that is suitable for any application.Oak cladding provides the right level of insulation for a wide range of climates. It is designed to provide a level of warmth during the cold winter months and minimal heat loss during hot summer months. This type of treatment can also provide for temperature variations between different areas.

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It is also used to provide a level of insulation between rooms to provide a low-cost alternative to conventional insulation. Outdoor surfaces can also be covered to reduce the amount of heating loss that occurs during the winter months and increase the effectiveness of natural ventilation during the summer months. By providing a barrier to unwanted heat, it can also decrease the amount of maintenance required.Other benefits include the fact that the material is environmentally friendly as it does not release pollutants into the air, especially when compared to other timber cladding options. The product offers low levels of moisture and keeps the wood protected from mould and mildew. The treatment is designed to keep the structure in shape for a long time, providing a quality finish for the structure.